The shock of being ‘scammed’

Late 2015s, we have organized this Hope Builders event in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. I met a teacher in her late 40’s and I was blown away by her story: yes, her SCAM story should I say. Let’s refer her as ‘Mrs. S’ in this story.

Last year, there was an investment craze in Bohol that offered around 30-40% return in 21 days. Many people were lured to put their hard-earned money in it. It has worked in the first few months. They have received their payouts. Because of that, a whole lot more were deceived further to invest more. And then suddenly, ‘poof!’ It was gone without a trace and chaos erupted.

Going back to Mrs. S, she lost P60,000 with it. And she’s only one of the many. Some have given up hundred thousands and there were few who said goodbye to a million. It has taken away everything including their families’ dreams.

I can only spot one cause of it: LACK OF FINANCIAL EDUCATION.

How did Mrs S. recovered from the scam she experienced?

She became part of IMG Hope Builders. She attended a lot of trainings and learned that there are legal ways of investing. Then, she started slowly. She moved on from the past equipped with realizations and learnings. She even became a Marketing Director which means she has educated and helped some more people to be financially educated.

As for me, I have heard about it. Someone has even convinced me to try it. But I said ‘NO’ because I have acquired wisdom already. I know with full confidence that it’s not the way money works. There’s no such thing as ‘get rich quick’. It is important to educate ourselves first before taking the plunge.

As I see Mrs. S rebuilding her journey to financial freedom the right way, I can say that I have succeeded in building a new hope in her heart. Everybody deserves a second chance.

Avoid being scammed. Join an organization that educates. Become a hope builder or contact us for more details.