Hope Builders is a sub organization of International Marketing Group (IMG). It promotes financial literacy to every individual and family and caters the methods and application in order for them to succeed.

The main purpose of this website is to show what IMG advocates do and how fulfilling it is to be part of a big, amazing and mission driven organization.


Lifestyle: Being involved with Hope Builders changed several people’s lives. It brought out the best in them and upgraded themselves into better versions of themselves pushing through life with big dreams and good vibes.

Mission / Advocacy: This group goes out to the field educating families about the importance of savings, investments, protection, money management, financial planning, etc for FREE.

Travel: Everybody wants to travel. Yes, of course. Hope Builders advocates never stop learning. They fly to different cities and countries to chase big events and conventions. After that, they turned out to be better people once more and then they reward themselves with a tour to every new place they visit as well. 🙂

Entrepreneurship: Being trained properly about the financial world and being taught often about leadership, self-discipline and persistence, majority of IMG / Hope Builders people became great entrepreneurs and succeeded in the business they chose.

Fulfillment: Majority of the IMG / Hope Builders advocates are logical, strong, understanding, happy and fulfilled people.

Who doesn’t want to change his life for the better? Jump in! Join our advocacy. Change your life and change other people’s lives. Be an instrument of HOPE to every soul that you will meet along this journey. Become a HOPE BUILDER!