Enchanted Kingdom Getaway on a Budget

We’re scheduled to attend a convention event in Manila but before that, we opted to have a side trip and have fun. Guess where, to the famous Enchanted Kingdom also known as ‘The Disneyland of the Philippines’.

Before every trip, I always do a thorough research and proper planning. And trust me, it helps a lot to avoid hassles and save money.

Going to Enchanted Kingdom should better be done on a weekday because there’s not much people in there and it will save you a lot of time lining up to the rides. Also, going with a team can help you save a lot because majority of the expenses were divided within the group.

So, on a beautiful Thursday morning, we packed our bags and took the first flight at 7am from Bohol with love. 🙂 ❤

We arrived at NAIA Terminal 3 around 9 o’clock in the morning. There are a lot of ways to reach Enchanted Kingdom. You can commute your way to EK. Click here for more details.

However, since there were six of us, we decided to book a private van for the group and divided the cost within ourselves. The amount we paid was more or less the same if we commuted. And.. it saved us the hassle of transferring from one transpo to another i.e. a taxi to the terminal to a bus to Sta Rosa then to a tricycle to Enchanted Kingdom considering we had brought some luggage with us.

The private van dropped us right to the doorstep of the accommodation we booked via AirBnb. We checked in on a clean and cozy private condo that was good enough for the six amazing people :). It was air-conditioned, with a kitchen (allowed us to do some cooking) and access to the condo’s playground and swimming pool. The stay only costed us Php2,180 for one night, divided by 6, so we only paid Php363 each. Cheap, right? 🙂 And it was only walking distance to EK or you can request for unlimited tricycles to pick you up if you prefer to. We took our lunch and around 1pm, we depart to EK.

Take note, Enchanted Kingdom is not open every day. There are days that they’re closed for maintenance. So make sure you’ve had a look on their website‘s park schedule or calendar to check before taking the plunge. Otherwise, you’ll gonna end up ‘sorry’ rather than ‘happy’. 🙂

Ticket rates are also cheaper on a weekday compared to a weekend. The best option I think is the P600 ride-all-you-can package. However, there are few rides excluded in the package that you’ll need to pay separately (if you want to). You can book online but I suggest that you just buy on-site because there are some promos to avail depending on the occasion. In our case, that was Teacher’s Day. There were two teachers on the group, they just showed their PRC IDs and we got a group discount plus a cute souvenir  (that purple calling card holder in the photo below). Instead of paying P600 each, we only paid P480 each. 🙂

At the entrance, you will be given a park map for you to plan your day. Or you can check online first, read blogs and list down the best ones. Also, I got this very helpful tip from someone: “In every amusement park adventure, take the Ferris Wheel first for you to see the entire park from above and from there, you can decide what rides you’ll gonna try going forwards.

And the adventure began! Shown below are the highlights of our day to guide you what rides you shouldn’t miss. 🙂


Enchanted Kingdom Wheel of Faith

This Ferris Wheel is real high. Really! Although it moved just slow, it was still breathtaking.

Enchanted Kingdom Air Race

This ride looked simple but I considered it one of the extreme ones. Lol. I don’t own the video below. I just grabbed it from YouTube just to show how our experience went. (Credits to the owner).


The 4D Rialto Theater

If you’re not too fond with extreme adventures, then this is best for you. Just sitting up and watch a short movie with a twist. 🙂 More details here.

Enchanted Kingdom Flying Fiesta

Enchanted Kingdom Roller Skater

Enchanted Kingdom Rio Grande Rapids

This is a must try! We even took our chance twice. It was fun and we were WET. lol. The video is grabbed from a random YouTube user as bringing cameras was prohibited during the ride.

Enchanted Kingdom Jungle Log Jam

The Wet Mamba continued with this ride. Disclaimer: I don’t own the photos below. We were not able to document our experience as I was too worried if I drop my camera in the water. 🙂

Enchanted Kingdom Space Shuttle

For me, your Enchanted Kingdom experience would never be complete without trying the Space Shuttle. So far, it was the highlight. I thought I already lost my soul as it seemed to separate from my body. Haha! But, you should face your fear anyway and try it at least. It should be added to your bucket lists!

There were still a lot of rides and sights in EK but we ran out of time to try them all. But we shall return for sure. 🙂 Really soon!

It was definitely one of the best days of our lives. We got to know each other far more better. For me, it strengthen our bonding as a team. We left Enchanted Kingdom full of memories. We were ready for our big event, The IMG Convention of Champions 2016.

Be part of our squad. Become a ‘hope builder’ today. And let’s have more adventures and successes together in the future. Woosh!


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