Discovering ‘Binaliw Falls’: A Hidden Gem of Clarin, Bohol

One sunny Sunday, the Parish Youth Ministry Alumni group of Dauis decided to visit an old friend in Clarin, Bohol and he recommended us that we should take a side trip while we’re already there. And that was to take a dip to this not-so-well-known-yet, Binaliw Falls.

We were told that we needed to do a little bit of trekking in order to get there. Okay, we were more than game to it! We were excited!

But…. The adventure was just about to begin! Unexpectedly, that was a not ‘a little bit’ of trek as described. It was extreme! We were not prepared. 🙂 Some wore slippers, some went on their rubber shoes. Few of us were on our swimming getup while others just plunged with their usual city attires.

Either ways, there was no excuse. You wouldn’t be able to reach and see the falls’ beauty without experiencing the challenges on its way. These struggles were no joke. Really! Those involved a long walk, slight slopes, crossing into bushes of weeds, up-to-the-knee water walk to neck level water dip. Mind you, there were invisible holes in the water that we needed to raise our bags and cellphones up high to protect them from getting wet. The current of the water was pretty scary too. Some got scratches and bruises caused by the shrubs and the water stones. These pictures below showed some of the extreme trekking highlights:

Then… from afar, we heard the splash of the of the dropping water. We arrived to our destination after about 45 minutes to an hour of overcoming the obstacles. It was worth it. It was so beautiful.

And the fun swimming followed! Since everyone was wet, all joined the fun. We played like kids. Lol


You can even climb to the top where the source of the water came from and see Binaliw Falls’ beauty in a different perspective.

Eating time!

Going back became easier though after experience taught us well. Lol


We were so exhausted but we had a blast!

It was one of the best adventure getaways I’ve been through and I highly recommend Binaliw Falls to all ‘extremers’ out there! Definitely, a must try!




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