Memories of Bali.. Balicasag Island: Hope builders’ underwater bonding

Apart from the Hope Builders’ mission and advocacy that we’re pushing, we also do have a lot of fun moments together. We have established some amazing friendship beyond IMG. We are there for each other during failures and celebrations. And this specific ‘celebration’ was brought to the next level. This time, UNDERWATER! Hold your breath. 🙂

This was our team building event / Christmas party held last 26th of December 2015 at the famous Balicasag Island of Panglao, Bohol.


We left very early. In fact, our scheduled departure time was 4am. The main reason was: we wanted to see the dolphins which only show up during sunrise. But unfortunately, there was a delay on the boat that we hired so we missed the dolphins completely. That was sad but we can always try our luck some other time though.



Pictorials and swimming followed.



We had lunch and then we played games. The games were so intense that someone got injured and we were forced to stop. 😀


We had so much fun and so the lovers in Balicasag too. ❤ ❤ ❤


We went snorkeling and fed the fishes in the fish sanctuary.


We had a blast!


Be with us on our next adventure. You’re welcome to join us. Be a hope builder today or contact us for more details.





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